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Mixed emotions


Since my last post in March my life has been like a blender; emotions and pressures of all sorts and varying degrees of pleasure and sadness mixed into outcomes of mild stress yet satisfaction. Sounds a bit schizo!

The main sadness was hearing that my good friend and colleague councillor John Cubitt had decided, through ill health, to stand down as Leader of the Council. That led to me taking over – at a time when we are losing £3m of government grant, grappling with the approaches to the Lower Thames Crossing passing through our villages, reacting to the planned extension of Bluewater, seeking to gain the best we can from Ebbsfleet Garden City and London Resort leisure park and seeking to extend crossrail to the borough  (so we can hop on a train here to get to Heathrow!). That has put pressure on the time of an old man and, despite all efforts, decreased ability to watch cricket!

Freeman.jpgDT Freeman 2017

On the other hand I have reason to be very pleased. My 41 years on the council and work in national and county cricket and rugby has been acknowledged by my election to be a Freeman of the Borough (see picture of scroll containing the citation, and the associated badge).

Also, I am about (hush!) to be promoted to a senior post in England Rugby Schools (ERFSU).

So the last few months have seen no change in the pattern of my life: I am asked to do things and I can’t say “No”.  But my body is beginning to say, “Don’t be silly, slow down”. But then that’s another trait: I don’t give in and I ignore good advice!

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  1. 19/06/2017 9:24 pm

    It is not given to many to be successful.
    It is not given to many to be able to handle all challenges with a winning ability.
    It is not given to many to have an easy ride. You have had, and continue to have, an arduous ride.

    You are a credit to yourself, to the Local Council, to Kent Cricket, and to Local and National Rugby.

    Be content. Be happy. Congratulations.

    Best Wishes,

    A Colleague.

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